Most Yards $30 Weekly or bi-Weekly

Pay Online!

Lewisville Lawn Care Service and Landscape offers a variety of lawn maintenance services from basic mowing to full service landscape management. Please contact us and let us know how we can help you with your lawn and landscape needs.

Welcome to Lewisville Lawn Care Service Serving: Lewisville, Coppell, Flower Mound, Highland Village, Carrollton,Lake Dallas, Grape Vine, North Dallas, and all surrounding areas

Additional Services
Weed Control-$5 per week
Mulch-$70 per cubic yard installed
Hedge Trimming-must be quoted
Fertilizing-must be quoted
Tree Trimming-must be quoted

Please contact us to inquire
about any other additional
services not shown and we will
be happy to get you a FREE

Basic Residential Service
Includes: Mowing, edging, trimming,
and blowing front yard and backyard.

Rates: All rates posted are shown as
examples only and are subject to
change at anytime. For an exact
quote please contact us to get a

Weekly Service-
weekly service
runs from March to November and
goes as needed in the winter months.

Small Yards: $25
(Patio Homes and Town Homes)

Regular Yards: $30
(Most neighborhood yards)

Large Yards: $30-$40
(Corner Lots and Pie Shaped Yards)

Bi-Weekly Service-
runs from March to November and
goes as needed in the winter months
Small Yards: $30

(Patio Homes and Town Homes)

Regular Yards: $35
(Most neighborhood yards)

Large Yards: $40-$45
(Corner Lots and Pie Shaped Yards)


Lewisville Lawn and
Landscape provides full
service maintenance for
small to medium sized
commercial projects
including town homes,
retail, condominiums,
schools, offices, and more.
Please contact us directly to
discuss your needs.



To achieve customer satisfaction by providing quality services at affordable prices. with "NO CONTRCTS"

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